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Via Nazionale Rome

Via Nazionale Rome

Via Nazionale is a street in Rome, Italy. It goes from Piazza della Repubblica heading towards Piazza Venezia. Via Nazionale offers a good view of bustling Rome. It is busy with shops and activity. However this street doesn’t have the same charm as the other main shopping streets in Rome. There is some nice range of shops here. You can find high quality Italian made clothes, shoes and other products. It ranges from not so expensive clothing shops to elite designer boutiques.

There is also a wide range of restaurants and bars. Many different cuisines to choose from and your budget can be met on Via Nazionale.

Via Nazionale Rome also lacks notable sights with the exception of the 5th century Church of San Vitale and the 19th century church of Saint Paul’s Inside the Walls. Church of San Vitale is plain on the outside, however inside you will be amazed with the beautiful frescoes and the impressive crucifix on the altar. Saint Paul’s Inside the Walls Inside, is the first church built after the 'Unification of Italy’. It is also a visual treat, with helpful and informative staff.

On the one end of Via Nazionale is Trajan’s Market. Keep walking towards the Victor Emmanuelle Monument II. Via Nazionale will turn into a very steep set of stairs that will bring you down to the front of Trajan’s Market. Across from that is Trajan’s Column. The Coliseum and Forum will be on your right. The Victor Emmanuelle Monument II will be across the road, adjacent to the Capitoline Museum. And to the right of that will be the direction towards the Pantheon. 

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