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Ristorante Da Fortunato al Pantheon Rome

Ristorante Da Fortunato al Pantheon Rome

Ristorante Da Fortunato al Pantheon Rome is in front of the Pantheon on your right hand side, just outside the square, when walking towards the Piazza di Spagna direction. Da Fortunato is open every day of the week for lunch and dinner. If you decide to stop by, it would be better for you to make reservations. Ristorante Da Fortunato wants all their clients to be happy. This is why they have 4 different dining rooms; two for normal dining, a smoking section and a private dining room. If you're looking for a 5 star dining experience then this is definitely the place for you.

Da Fortunato opened up in 1975 and since then has always offered top quality ingredients and service to their clients. Personally, Da Fortunato is one of my favorite places to eat; the fish dishes are outstanding. For wine lovers: Da Fortunato has more than 400 wines to choose from. The staff and Sommelier will surely help you make the best choice regarding what wines to drink with your ordered dishes.

Most clients that come to Da Fortunato are locals, a big part of the clientele are politicians. Locals that come here are usually very nice dressed; especially the Roman women have their most elegant clothes on. Appropriate clothing is highly appreciated in this restaurant. Da Fortunato gives you the choice between indoor and outdoor dining.

The outdoor dining is surrounded by lovely green plants and you'll be sitting under large white umbrellas. The environment is very sophisticated and elegant. The interiors are kept very simple; the colors are light and friendly. The table settings are rigorously kept in white. This restaurant serves Italian and Roman cuisine.

From October to December you can enjoy the various specialties of Aqualagna, a little town in the Italian region Marche, famous for being the main centers in Italy for truffle. Another insider tip: Da Fortunato makes a special Tiramisu dessert filled with strawberries and limoncello aroma, an Italian liquor made out of fresh lemons from the south of Italy. 

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