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Tips on how to make your vacation safer in Rome

Be very careful and watch out for gypsies and thieves!

I would like to give you some tips on how to make your vacation safer in Rome

It already starts when you come from the airport. Never leave your things unattended in the Leonardo express train that takes you from the airport to the city. Other dangerous spots are the elevators inside the train stations. Even if the person next to you is a child, beware. These children or grown-ups will distract you and in the end your wallet and money will be gone. Please remember: you are dealing with professionals and their families live off of this lifestyle. You can bet that they’re really good at what they’re doing, otherwise they’d be in jail, right? Well, not in Italy.

Be especially careful when standing on line, any kind of line-ups; it doesn't matter if you're getting a slice of pizza or standing on line for the Vatican Museums.

Putting gas in your car

Should you have a rent a car and be brave enough to drive around the city then please always check on the person who is putting fuel in your car. My advice: do it yourself.

Safety tips for men and women in general

For men: never put your wallet/money in your front or back pocket. You think you’re smarter but they’ll get you. I know this because of all the years I went to the police station with many of my clients from the bed & breakfast I had. Always carry your bags/backpacks in front of you.

For women: put your arm under your bag in front of you. Thieves cut open the bottom with a very sharp knife so the wallet will fall through. If someone asks you if you have change, say no with a smile straight away. They want you to open your wallet so they can see how much money you have and if it’s worth stealing your purse after you have walked another 20 feet.

When sitting in restaurants, inside or out, do not put your purse/camera behind you on the seat!

The most dangerous bus in Rome is the bus 64 that takes you to the Vatican. That doesn’t mean that other means of transportation is less dangerous…. This is where I want to start another topic:

Taxis in Rome

Most of the drivers are honest, although it depends on who will be your taxi driver. I’m very sad to say that my experiences are rather negative. I know the streets of Rome pretty well and I do know how to get from A to B. 6/10 taxi drivers make the root longer or they pretend that they don’t know.

Of course, if you know this you will start a discussion – I do speak Italian quite well. What usually helps is; when you ask for their taxi car number with a smile. There is a number you can call if you have a complaint about the driver.

When you’re already sitting inside and the route isn’t long enough or better, the driver thinks it’s not his worthwhile, it can happen that they’ll try and make you get out. Just to let you know, they cannot do this. Even in this case you can choose: get aroused and discuss or just let it be: this is your vacation and you might as well add it to your budget.

The good thing is that no one can cheat you with the airport-city fare, it’s written on the outside of the taxi doors now. From the Fiumicino airport it’s euro 48 one way and from Ciampino airport it’s euro 40. By the way, if you’re ever in Rome and it’s raining, it is almost impossible to find a taxi. Book one well in advance from your hotel just to be safe.

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