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Arlu Restaurant Rome

Arlu Restaurant Rome

Arlu Restaurant Rome has been around since 1959 and has attended to their clients ever since! Arlu restaurant has been passed down from one generation to the next and every time another personal touch has been added by each family member! The owners, Armando who is out front and his wife Lucia who works in the kitchen, serve lunch and dinner daily except on Sundays when they are closed. Larger groups are not a problem because the staff and family members also cook for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries or other kinds of party occasions! You’ll be able to find fish as well as meat plates starting from the appetizers and arriving to desserts! This restaurant is special not only because of their tasteful inside décor and the beautiful atmosphere you feel here but because of their home-made baking of biscuits, bread and cakes. The family chooses to use to their knowledge whatever the Roman country side offers, namely fresh vegetables and fruit which are in the season, herbs and spices that grow in the gardens! Most of the food on the menu is Roman style for example the Tonnarelli cacio e pepe which is egg pasta with Parmasan and Pecorino cheese, butter, extra virgin olive oil and ground black pepper or Risotto vongole e carciofi which is rice with clams in shells and artichokes (a typical roman vegetable)!

Even the pasta is home-made! Clients have a choice to dine either outside on the relatively quiet streets or inside in an air-conditioned habitat. This place is definitely a good value for money. The staff is not pushy and has the patience to explain the details of each dish. Even here, many of their clientele are locals and I think that has a lot to say.

Arlu Restaurant Rome has won the Certificate of Exellence for 3 years in a row. Check-out their home-made Tiramisu! 

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