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Hostaria Dino and Tony Restaurant Rome

Hostaria Dino and Tony Restaurant Rome

When walking through Hostaria Dino and Tony Restaurant Rome doors it reminds you a little bit of a simple Roman family’s kitchen! I wouldn’t exactly call this place a restaurant because it reminds me more of an Italian trattoria!  The inside is kept simple and the tables are covered with a checkered green tablecloth. The cuisine is typical Roman and has all of the Roman specialties like Pasta alla Gricia (made with guanciale or cured pork jowl and Pecorino Romano, the hard grating cheese made from sheep's milk). The staff and family members are very entertaining and theatric. Dino who works out front entertains his guests by singing and making funny jokes all the time. Tony does his magic in the kitchen to best surprise his guests with antipasti; fried vegetables (especially artichokes are a traditional and typical dish from the Lazio region of Italy), cheese, fresh delicious cold cuts and pizza, just to name a few. After that the pasta comes out and you usually get to try more than one kind. If there is still space left in your tummy, you can go on with either fish or meat dishes to top it! Dessert can be Panna Cotta (an Italian dessert made by simmering together cream, milk and sugar, mixing this with gelatin, and letting it cool until set) or a Tiramisu! Usually they also serve digestives at the very end!

In this typical trattoria you wouldn’t find a menu. More than one restaurant offer this kind of treatment and you can especially find this style outside of Rome towards the Roman Castelli. Many clients, especially foreigners, appreciate the “sit down and let yourself be surprised” style because in this way they get to taste a little bit of everything of the Italian cuisine. By the way, you can’t ask for something that you can’t know about! The negative side of it could be that you’ll get something which you don’t like at all, which in my opinion is very difficult! Just take the risk and go for it! It seems that the prices are very good and you pay around 25.00-30.00 euro per person for a complete meal including wine! A place not to be missed! 


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