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Alice Pizza Rome

Alice Pizza Rome

Alice Pizza is one of the best places to have pizza near the Vatican

Alice Pizza Rome only sells pizza and nothing else. Since 1990 Mr. Giovannini has opened quite a few more pizza places similar to Alice Pizza. The values of Alice Pizza are quality, creativity and special attention to his customers. He enjoys a young, vibrant, and dynamic working environment with a friendly atmosphere! Locals and tourists really appreciate this philosophy and attitude. Around lunch time you’ll usually find many people standing in line but it does go fast! Mr. Giovannini believes in Italian Heritage. Alice Pizza recipes sink their roots in Italian gastronomic heritage and aim to maintain a perfect balance of flavors because they carefully and accurately combining the ingredients to make it just perfect! Mr. Giovannini also believes in excellent quality. The ingredients are extremely fresh and the staff are friendly and accommodating.

Alice Pizza Rome sells pizza by weight. You can choose whichever slices you want and this will be your toughest decision ever! First of all, the variety is so large and you’d have to stay in Rome for a very long time to try them all out. Whatever you choose will then be put on a scale and you pay. The only con is that Alice Pizza Rome doesn't have any chairs or tables to offer. It’s just a take-away place which is perfectly fine because they’ll wrap everything up for you so you won't have any problems. You will have to eat standing or sitting on the outside steps. But it's street food, and totally worth it. Prices are good! You’ll pay around 4.00 euro’s for a slice depending how heavy your topping is! A perfect place to grab a quick, tasty bite before running off to the next sightseeing location!

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