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La Soffitta Renovatio Restaurant Rome

La Soffitta Renovatio Restaurant Rome

Delicious gluten-free Pizza and Pasta in Rome near Vatican City

La Soffitta Renovatio is known for its outstanding pasta! When walking on Via di Porta Angelica make a left at the end of the street, which is actually the opposite direction to the Vatican Museums. Follow the road on the Piazza and after a short walk you’ll encounter the restaurant.

The inside of this pizzeria looks very cozy and the style is laid back and relaxed. The owners of this cute place are called the Di Michele Family. They’re originally from Abruzzo but moved to Rome many years ago where they started out by opening a restaurant which the Romans appreciated very much in a very short time! The Di Michele family had brought with them the true culinary traditions of their region of origin, which is a small town called Montereale. They believe in cooking with only fresh ingredients to insure the best taste of the dishes they put on the table in front of their clients. When tasting their fine cookery, people should be able to recall immediately the taste of the earth and the sea, depending on what they have ordered of course…

For Pizza lovers; here you’ll find the true Pizza Napoletana. Hence, the Pizza you will be served is higher at the edges with a thicker crust and more loaded. The Roman version actually has thinner dough and is also a little crunchier. The thinner version of a Pizza will make the edges a little more burnt while in the oven. In 1995 Stefano di Michele was honored with the title of best European Pizza Chef! Not only do you get Pizza here but even the closed stuffed pizza; il Calzone. The Calzone has the form of a half moon and is a typical kind of food from the middle and southern regions of Italy. For Gnocchi lovers; here you will find them home-made from fresh potatoes. The menu is also written in English so you wouldn’t actually have any problems… Prices are fair and you get what you pay for even though you’re in the Vatican area!


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