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Forno Feliziani Restaurant Rome

Forno Feliziani Restaurant Rome

Forno Feliziani is more than an Italian Bakery near the Vatican Museums

The word “forno” in Italian means “oven” because Forno Feliziani is actually a sort of bakery where you can buy delicious sorts of Italian bread, the Focaccia which is like sort of a pizza but thicker and plain. It’s a flat oven-baked Italian bread which may be topped with herbs or other ingredients. Definitely a must when you are in Italy! Some restaurants also serve this in restaurants but you’ll find the thinner and crunchy version of it. Apart from Pizza, bread, Panini and pastries this gracious store offers a small buffet behind a counter from which to choose from. For example you can find Arancini which are fried rice balls coated with breadcrumbs. On the inside they are usually filled with meat sauce, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and/or peas. Originally “arancini” come from Sicily but now every region makes different shapes and sizes! Vegetables are on the buffet as well!

Forno Feliziani Restaurant Rome doesn’t have many chairs and tables inside so it’s not something for very large groups. It’s better not to come around 12.AM or after 2.00PM then this place is not for tourists but for locals. In Via Candia you can find many offices and many people will come for their lunch break.

Being a sort of a pastry place as well, Forno Feliziano has fantastic croissants and other fine Italian bakery for breakfast! Not only do they serve food in the morning but they also have a coffee and cappuccino machine to go with it! The prices are very good here and the quality is excellent. Like I said before mostly locals come here. From the Vatican Museum it is just a little walk across the street, down the steps straight on to Via Santamaura,  walk down until you hit Via Candia. I would say the few meters more will surely be worth it!

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