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Sant Eustachio il Caffe Rome

Sant Eustachio il Caffe Rome

Sant Eustachio il Caffe offers the best coffee in the whole wide world. The way they make it is a secret and when I'm telling you this, I mean it because the coffee machine is hidden by a large panel which doesn't allow anyone to watch. If you're a coffee lover then make this place one of your first stops here in Rome.

The most crowded time to come here of course is during the mornings when even the locals pass by and have their cafe' espresso and one of their super delicious pastries you see behind the counter glass windows. Another peak time is after lunch when the locals pass by again and have their second or third espresso to keep them going until work is over.

Sant Eustachio il Caffe Rome is open until one o'clock in the morning, so sooner or later you'll get your chance. The first thing you have to do when walking inside is go to the cashier and pay for what you have decided to take. Things go pretty fast so it's better if you know exactly what to order. You'll get your receipt and with that you might have to elbow yourself through to the counter. When you come to these coffee places, it would be good to leave around 20 cents on the counter when placing your order, together with your receipt. The prices vary, it's cheaper to have your food and drinks at the counter and not at the table.

Sant Eustachio il Caffe doesn't only sell heavenly tasting espresso's but also other hot drinks which will just make you fall over. They also sell related products to coffee, like crunchy coffee beans covered in chocolate. This place is very special, even for Italian standards. Also remember, if you don't want your drink sweetened, you have to say this at the beginning. It's typical here in Italy that ever person has their favorite way of drinking coffee, some like it short, others double, some macchiato - which means spotted with milk - and the list goes on and on!

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