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Armando al Pantheon Restaurant Rome

Armando al Pantheon Restaurant Rome

Armando al Pantheon is 30 meters away from the Pantheon, You'll still find real Italian cooks standing in the kitchen. This restaurant has opened in 1961 and is still one of the leading restaurants in the Pantheon area.

The father Armando started this family business and his sons Claudio and Fabrizio followed in his footsteps. All of them are still working together up to this very day. Fabrizio specialized himself in service and the knowledge of wines while the other brother Claudio specialized himself in the arts of cooking, learning all the tips and tricks happening in the kitchen.

He uses an old recipe book called "Apiciane". That name comes from a great cook book a cook that used to work for the Emperor Tiberio around 2000 years ago has written. He takes his recipes and personalizes these Roman traditions. Of course, thanks to Fabrizio's knowledge about wines, Armando al Pantheon has a very good wine list to choose from as well.

Armando al Pantheon is visited by tourists as well as locals. Many famous locals from the theater and art scene come her for lunch which is from 12.30 AM to 3.00 PM or dinner from 7.00 PM to 11.00 PM. They're closed on Saturday evenings and Sundays.

Armando offers simple, classic, very tasty Roman food. When you walk through the door, the friendly waiters will greet you with a big smile on their faces. The first thing you notice are all the pictures, or better said "memories" on the walls. It actually tells you the story of this famous restaurant. The walls are covered with wood paneling which gives the room a snuggly atmosphere; it could actually be the kitchen of your home you're sitting in. The tables and chairs are made out of dark wood, the tables are covered with two very simple table clothes.

Armando al Pantheon is genuine and you'll receive the best quality for your money. Armando al Pantheon is not a cheap place to eat but you do get what you pay for. Should you pan to go then you better make reservations, especially if you're planning to go in the evenings. Remember to always order seasonal foods and vegetables; the waiters will be happy to help you to make your choices! 

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