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La Rosetta Restaurant Rome

La Rosetta Restaurant Rome

La Rosetta Restaurant Rome, Italy is in front of the Pantheon on the square. You'll bump right into it when walking away from the Pantheon, keeping yourself on the left hand side of the square until you hit the street called Via Rosetta. In my opinion La Rosetta is one of the best places in Rome to eat fish specialties, especially if you like raw fish.

La Rosetta Restaurant restaurant only serves fish dishes but their chef Massimo will serve you fish dishes of every kind, everything your heart desires.

La Rosetta Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every single day of the week. La Rosetta opened in 1966 by a Sicilian man named Carmelo, down in Sicily the food is even better tasting than on the main land, plus eating and food is a big issue, so we're talking about a man who really knows how to cook.

In 1982 his son Massimo took over with the help of his sisters and since then Massimo has made La Rosetta a divine place. Massimo Riccioli has won many prizes for his restaurant and constantly surprises his clients and friends with new outstanding dishes.

Not only is he one of the best cooks in town, he is also very passionate about cinema and art. This is why many artists and VIP's from the cinema, like Nicole Kidman visit his restaurant during their stay in Rome.

Something very difficult to find here in Rome is high quality mixed raw fish platters from the Tyrrhenian Sea, like they serve at the La Rosetta restaurant. The lunch menu is different from the dinner menu; my favorite dish is the crispy spaghetti with red prawns and lemon scent, which is actually more a Sicilian dish they serve at dinner.

During lunch time their Oyster bar has different offers starting at 36.00 euro. Massimo wants everyone to be able to approach his cuisine. Wines are also a big issue in this terrific restaurant; the list goes from red, rose', white wines, champagne to sparkling Italian spumanti!

No need to say that this place is expensive, you might even pay a little more because this place is famous, but how much is fresh fish and a fantastic cook worth to you? By the way, don't even think about skipping dessert here!


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