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Ponte e Parione Restaurant Rome

Ponte e Parione Restaurant Rome

Ponte e Parione is open every day of the year starting from 12 noon until late at night. Seating is available inside with air-conditioning in the summer and outside on a beautiful street next to another famous church called Santa Maria dell'Anima. You'll be eating outside in an open museum, staring at romantic little street ways and flower decorations. Inside, the walls are semi covered with dark wooden panels and the table settings and the chairs are all kept in a greenish color. It sort of reminds you somehow of sitting in a garden, even if you're sitting inside.

Full wine bottles are tucked away in many corners of the restaurant up on high counters and even behind the counter. Pictures of ancient Rome hang on the walls and lovely flowers decorate the outside seating part which is covered with a plastic tent which can also be closed for the colder winter days.

Maria, the owner is very friendly and helpful. She wants to make sure that her guests feel at their ease when dinning in her restaurant.

What I especially like about this place is that you have a choice of either a simple pizza or the whole menu option from starters to dessert. The selection of wines is very good, especially considering the simplicity of the restaurant. If you order the inexpensive house wine, a Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, it'll be very tasty and its flavor goes very well with meat dishes.

The staff is very professional and everyone working their will take their time to explain all the recommendations of the day. Ponte e Parione usually have a lunch special which can of course change, depending on the season and what was available fresh from the market. Ponte and Parione serve one of the best Italian and Roman dishes around Piazza Navona!


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