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Salad Me Cafe Milan

Salad Me Cafe Milan

Great salads, wholesome foods and always fresh.

Salad Me Cafe Milan is a fashionable cafe with a modern design, filled with stylish furniture. It's a great place for those who want to eat well and healthy, as there are always fresh products. They offer a wide variety of menu items including fresh fruit, fresh juice, and vegetable smoothies. They also have homemade soups, appetizers, poultry, fish, prawns pastrami and meats. They also offer several different sandwiches with various breads and sauces. Of course there are many types of salads as the name indicates.

The salads are amazing. You can choose from salads already created by the chef, or you can choose and customize your salad as you wish. Starting with high quality and the freshest ingredients. You can decide from a large variety including king prawns, fish, different meats, cheeses, artichokes, olives, and so much more. They also have a wide range of dressings that can match your preference.

The bar is well stocked with premium quality drinks, such as Patron, Zacapa XO Rum, etc, and the bartender has an amazing talent for making awesome cocktails. The variety of cocktails are remarkable, starting with the great classics to their creations. Try the Moscow mule, a drink made with all the trimmings. Innovative and delicious!

Salad Me Cafe Milan isn't a place you go to for a gourmet meal, this is a place you come to have a nice relaxing meal with friends. It is a great alternative for breakfast, quick lunch or dinner. Their coffee and cappuccino, as well as the delicacy of the pastries and fresh croissants is a terrific way to start the morning. During the warm months they have an outdoor seating area.

The staff are delightful, knowledgeable and provide an excellent service. Their prices are incredibly reasonable, given the overall high quality of the food and service. Vegan and vegetarian friendly! All this in a beautiful setting, with a nice playlist of music playing in the background.

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