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Amalfi Cathedral

Taken from ja:画像:Duomo di amalfi.JPG Picture GFDLed by JA uploader.

Taken from ja:画像:Duomo di amalfi.JPG Picture GFDLed by JA uploader.

Amalfi Cathedral

Duomo di Sant'Andrea Apostolo

Amalfi Cathedral is a beautiful church that is located in the heart of Amalfi. You can visit Amalfi Cathedral for free, however you have to pay an entry fee (3 euros) to visit the cloisters and the crypt (well worth the very informative and well planned tour). A must see, when visiting this beautiful place. You have to climb a staircase to get to the Cathedral. The steps offer wonderful views of the piazza below, as well as other parts of Amalfi. The steps leading up are quite a challenge, and may be difficult for those with mobility issues.

After climbing the long impressive staircase, you are led to the ticket office on the left hand side of the church. You will go through a cloister area. The frescoes in the cloisters are stunning. You will then go into the old Duomo, which functions as a museum now. It has many fascinating religious artifacts that has been collected over the centuries. The details in the carvings and paintings are remarkable.

The Cathedral is very solemn and impressive inside. Magnificent 11th century bronze doors. Baroque style with breathtaking frescoes, and their depiction of Christ hanging on the (13th century) cross. Be sure to take in the view of the  stunning vaulted ceiling. It has scenes of Saint Andrew martyrdom, painted by Andrea dell'Asta. The facade has a mosaic portraying Triumph of Christ and his twelve apostles in gold. The bell tower is coated by colorful majolica tiles. Don't miss the really old stone relics in the outdoor garden. There are several small chapels. One has the coffin of dead Christ, which is carried through the streets of Amalfi on Good Friday.

Amalfi Cathedral is rich in both religious as well as historic perspective. This place happens to be the last abode of St. Andrews (Jesus's apostle), patron of Amalfi. You will get to see the crypt which holds the remains of St. Andrew. His remains were brought here in 1208. It is decorated in colorful marble, with beautiful frescoes on the ceiling. There is also a large bronze statue of him that is most impressive.

The guided tour is well laid out, and the information is readily provided in many languages. It should only take an hour to see everything. Try to get there early in the morning to avoid the large crowds that arrive by boat. Remember to dress appropriately. Cover your knees and shoulders before entering, scarfs and shawls are provided.


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