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Rainbow Magicland Rome


Rainbow Magicland Rome

An amusement park

Rainbow Magicland Rome is about 45 minutes out of town. It’s a fun park with rides and show for adults and kids! I would say that most of the rides are for smaller kids and not so much for teenagers. Even if you have already paid the entrance ticket, they offer some rides which are not for free and that’s a minus point.

On the internet you can find some deals that offer the entrance ticket together with one night stay at a hotel. I would say that it’s worth it only if you go to the Designer Fashion Outlet right next to the amusement park next day. They have pretty good deals for kids wear!

The best way to get there is by train if you don’t have a car. The trains go from Termini station to Valmontone. It’s a nice ride because you get to see the countryside when you go down south. The scenery and colors are beautiful! There are about 4-5 trains you can take during the morning and Macigland has organized a free shuttle from the train station to the entrance! Not only, if you go to the cash register with your ticket, they will reimburse you with a Euro 6.00 voucher (the cost of the train ticket) that you can spend inside!

The restaurants are a little over-prices and the quality is not the best. They do offer gluten-free products for people with allergy problems!

Best attraction: my vote would be for the roller coaster

When to go: of course during the weekdays you’ll find less people then the weekends where buses come from all over the region.

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