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Aroma Restaurant Rome

Aroma Restaurant Rome

Aroma Restaurant Rome combines class, elegance and excellence. Why not dine enjoying a view of one of the world's 7 wonders, the Colosseum! This restaurant is inside Palazzo Manfredi, a 15th century structure, on the last floor together with a 5 star hotel which is underneath the restaurant which has 15 unique stylish rooms. Aroma is an award winning dinning place and has true warmth of service.

You reach the 3rd floor with an elevator and then walk up one more pairs of steps to the 4th floor where a very friendly waiter greets you with a smile at the entrance.

The first thing you notice of course is the stunning view over to the Colosseum. There is nothing in between! It’s simply breathtaking, romantic and takes you back into time when the Gladiators used to fight in the arena.

The food at Aroma Restaurant Rome is excellent and regarding the service you can't ask for more! The waiters are professional, charming and knowledgeable. I would recommend you to follow their advice on the recently prepared dishes or special of the day.

Aroma Restaurant Rome is expensive and the portions are not so big. The waiters and the Sommelier will take their time and express in words what you are eating and drinking. This might be an idea for your last night dinner during your stay...this dinner place could be the cherry on top of your dessert!


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