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La Sagrestia Restaurant Rome

La Sagrestia Restaurant Rome

La Sagrestia is a Roman restaurant. It is located a stone throw away from the Pantheon.
La Sagrestia is a gorgeous little restaurant with a lot of flowers outside surrounding the front door. Also, a pricelist is hung outside so people already have some ideas before they come in and sit down. The place looks like a town itself when you're inside because of all the magnificent wall paintings it has. Painted trees and leaves that reach up to the ceiling and paintings of the goddess Venere decorating the walls of La Sagrestia restaurant, make it seem as you've been thrown back to the ancient Roman time.

This restaurant is sort of a labyrinth made out of many rooms, each time you step into the next room your eyes will settle on something different. La Sagrestia is on a little street called Via del Seminario which is on the right hand side when you have your back to the Pantheon. It's only a 2 minute walk. Most of their clients are locals which have their dinner around 9.00PM.  If you go earlier, you'll find the tourists eating.

La Sagrestia is open for lunch and dinner and by making reservations you'll have a table for sure, so book before, don't risk it. As soon as you sit down you'll be served with the house bread which tastes delicious. They also have "focaccia" which is a crunchy, very thin white pizza, usually spread with a pinch of rosemary. In fact, you have to be careful not to fill up your belly with just that.

La Sagrestia also makes wonderful, tasty wooden oven Pizza, even with fresh seafood toppings. The Pizzas are made the Roman way, with a thin, slightly burnt crust. La Sagrestia serves fresh fish dishes as well as meat dishes. The pasta comes with both options as well. Desserts are all genuine Italian; the crostata di ricotta, which would be a sort of an Italian cheese cake or pie, is mouthwatering! Their specialty seems to be the apple pie.

The waiters are very friendly and fast. Their smiles make the environment warm and homely. The food is supreme and the prices are not expensive considering that this is a great restaurant right in the center of Rome and next to the Pantheon.  

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