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Pizzeria The Mirror Rome

Pizzeria The Mirror Rome

Pizzeria The Mirror offers one of the best pizza's in Rome.

The Mirror is a typical roman pizzeria which offers their guests inside and outside seating in a beautiful setting of an Italian square.

To get here from the Mouth of Truth monument, you have to cross the Tiber river from the closest bridge you see and then just look for and follow the tram tracks.

After the bridge look to your left. It could be worth having lunch here, especially if your next visit will be the Trastevere area.  Their opening hours are from 12.00 noon to 12.00 midnight from Monday to Sunday.

Eating at the Pizzeria The Mirror is also quite inexpensive, you can enjoy a fabulous meal for under 20.00 Euro per person. This place does not even charge you the so called “coperta”; which would be the charge of a few Euro per person for the use of the plate, knife, fork and glass. Strange but true! The pizzeria is open for lunch as well as for dinner.

The atmosphere at Pizzeria The Mirror is typical Italian and very relaxed. When you walk inside the door, a whiff of delicious backed pizza will immediately drive through your nose. You wouldn’t be able to wait and crunch your teeth in one of them yourself, especially when walking by other tables while talking a seat at your own table.

You can observe the pizza bakers working because the space they work in is open and without walls. Sometimes they twirl and throw the pizza in the air and it makes you feel like as if you were in a movie. After a while, you realize that this is your dream come true and you’re finally on vacation in Italy!

We would recommend you trying a backed pizza with some fresh ingredients put in after. Just ask the waiters and they’ll be happy to explain the specialties of the house. The owners are very keen on making everything right and most important, making the guest feel special and at ease.

The wine list is actually good considering the simple restaurant with basic roman food.

The outside seating pace isn’t so big and not so many tables are available. Everything is cozily topped off with a white gazebo which can also cover you, should it slightly start to rain. The Mirror - Pizzeria doesn’t only offers pizza’s but also has a variety of pasta choices and mouth-watering desserts!

I've heard from some customers that sometimes free limoncello, which is Italian liquor made out of lemons, is served for free in the end. Mamma mia, what a vacation!

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