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    Fontana del Moro in Rome Italy is located in the Piazza Navona. It is actually only a copy of the original fountain which currently sits in the Borghese gallery

  • Piazzia Navona

    The Piazzia Navona is a great place to stop and see some beautiful Fountains, Great Churches and just a great place to sit and enjoy the beauty of Rome

Fontana del Moro – Piazza Navona, Rome

Fontana del Moro - Piazza Navona Rome Facts

At the southern end is the Fontana del Moro. It was built in 1574 built by Giacomo

Della Porta during the reign of the Pope Gregorio XIII Boncompagni. In the year 1653 it

completely got renovated and the Pope Innocent 10 th, related to the Pamphili family

had the job done by Bernini. The central figure standing in a shell which is mistakenly

called the Moor “il Moro”because of his facial features, is actually a Triton or Neptune

taming a dolphin. Fontana del Moro is one of the most ancient fountains of the Renaissance

period. When restoring the fountain Bernini had added this figure. Before

the Moor statue was added, Bernini had first made a snail which the roman population

and the Pamphili family didn’t like at all and was therefore removed.

Four other Tritons, which is a mythical Greek God - a messenger of the sea, surround

him. The fountain was renovated again in 1874 and the original statues were moved to

the Borghese gallery and replaced with the copies you see today. During the month of September

2011 a vandal attacked this fountain with a hammer. The Italian authorities had everything fixed

shortly after.

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