• Dialogue in the Dark

    An exhibition to discover the unseen. Teaser for the exhibition Dialogue in the Dark in Milan, Italy. The exhibition's goal is to give the visitors a better understanding on disability and blindness.

Dialogue in the Dark Milan


Dialogo nel Buio

Dialogue in the Dark Milan

A unique and artistic experience, that offers a valuable lesson.

Dialogue in the Dark Milan is located inside the Institute for the Blind building in Milan.

Dialogo nel Buio means Dialogue in the Dark. This exhibition gives people an opportunity to understand the world through the perspective of a blind person. If you would like to experience the world through your other senses, then check out the Dialogo nel Buio.

You will learn to recognize what you hear, smell and touch without the aid of your eyes. While inside the building, you will be accompanied by a tour guide. You will be entering a completely dark building, so you might feel intimidated and scared at first. The tour guide is very nice and will make you feel at ease during the course. Which can be very important, especially those with anxiety and fear of the dark. As you go deeper into the building, you will start to appreciate this unique opportunity to experience the world using your other senses.

Dialogue in the Dark Milan is one of the most popular exhibition in Milan now. It was originally planned to last for a month only. However, it remains open for the next decade because it attracts a lot of tourists.

The mission behind Dialogue in the Dark Milan is simple. Sometimes, we do not pay much attention to the things around us because we take them for granted. It is an experience that everyone should do. It could surely change you, it allows you to use all your senses and maybe even think differently. It will give you a better understanding how people live who do not have the use of sight.

After the guided tour, go enjoy an aperitivo. They serve drinks and appetizers, all in the darkness, with a person playing the piano in the background. They also offer dinner in the dark on Saturday nights.

TIP: They do not provide an English speaking tour guide unless there is a group of eight or more. It is also important for you to book ahead of time.


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