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Terrazza Marziale Restaurant Sorrento

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Terrazza Marziale Restaurant Sorrento

Nothing is more satisfying than having a fine meal on a terrace with a beautiful coastal view. That is exactly what you are getting if you visit Terrazza Marziale. When you are done with your meal, you can enjoy a nice trip to some of the most beautiful spots in Sorrento. It is located in close proximity to the Cloister of St. Francis, Villa Comunale, and other notable places in this beautiful Italian town. This restaurant will certainly exceed your expectations.

The skill and creativity of their chefs is evident in their cuisines. Every bite is an opportunity to experience the sumptuous flavors of local Sorrentine cuisines. They also serve a wide range of traditional Mediterranean dishes that are reinterpreted by their chefs to suit the demanding taste of the 21st century food lovers. Using high quality ingredients coming from the Campania region, they always create culinary magic in every plate. With the best skills and unwavering motivation to please clients, it is no longer surprising why locals and tourists keep coming back for more.

Terrazza Marziale Restaurant Sorrento makes sure their customers are thoroughly satisfied with the food and service they provide every single time. Whatever dish you order, you can expect great presentation. It will stimulate all your senses because their dishes look and smell just as good as they taste. This clearly explains why they became one of the most popular restaurants in Sorrento. Every dish in their menu is mouth-watering, but it is their Chateaubriand that is recommended by many diners.

Aside from their superb foods, they also impress customers with the hospitality of their staff. They make sure that you feel at home. Do not hesitate to ask for recommendations if you are not sure what to order. They also have a seasoned sommelier who could help you choose a nice bottle of wine to go with your meals. The restaurant also has a romantic ambience, making it a perfect choice for couples who are celebrating a special occasion.

Sorrento is such a crowded town as it attracts thousands of tourists every year. While dining in their terrace, you will be able to enjoy your food without being bothered by the hustle and bustle of the touristy streets. They managed to keep their dining area relaxing despite the fact that they are located right in the center of the town. If you want to escape the crowd and noise while enjoying a hearty meal, then you need to come to this fabulous restaurant.

Compared to other restaurants in Sorrento, Terrazza Marziale is a bit pricy. However, this does not deter customers from coming back because they know that every euro they will spend is worth it.

TIP: Be sure to call in advance if you want to reserve an outdoor table.

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