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Shopping near Piazza del Popolo in Rome

Shopping near Piazza del Popolo in Rome

Shopping for hats, leather goods and Roman Antiques

Shopping near Piazza del Popolo in Rome is great fun! In this part of town men are slightly in advantage regarding the shopping! I think that the “moda italiana” is famous all around the world and near Piazza del Popolo we do have a couple of highlights regarding fashion! Starting from head to toe, we’ll start with head!

Borsalino -  Piazza del Popolo 20 - 00187 Rome

In 1857 a legend was born. Giuseppe Borsalino opens his first hat laboratory together with his brother in the town of Alessandria. He started by hand-making around 300 hats per day and then switched over to industrial manufacturing. Borsalino exported his hats to New York, Paris and London. He then became famous all around the world!  We all do remember the movie "Borsalino" with Alain Delon and Jean Paul Belmondo… the rest is history! If you’re looking for unique quality hats, go, visit and buy! Everyone needs a "Borselino" in their lifeThe store is to your left looking at the twin churches from Piazza del Popolo.

Boggi Milano - Via del Babuino 20 – 00187 Rome

Boggi Milano is a fantastic men’s Italian clothing manufacture. You’ll find everything from jackets to shirts, suits, gloves, leather wear and much more! Boggi Milan is an Italian own and family run fashion brand, producing classic Italian lifestyle wear inspired by the quintessential Milanese business man. The prices are very attractive and reasonably priced for an Italian apparel manufacturer. It’s worth having a peek inside! To get to the store; walk down the street to your left looking at the twin churches from Piazza del Popolo and you'll find it to your left shortly after!

PELUSO - Via del Corso, 10  - 00187 Rome

Peluso is a synonym for Italian haute-couture, quality and luxury. They opened the store in 1934 and are now specialized in selling Stefano Ricci clothing which is a continuously growing trade mark from Florence. Peluso sells high men’s fashion that maintains a high standard of elegance and sophistication, without forgetting important details! Rodolfo Peluso’s clothing has always been distinguished for the quality of the fabrics and the variety of models he proposes to his customers. 100% made in Italy. You’ll get there by walking on the road through the middle of the twin churches from Piazza del Popolo and you’ll find the store shortly to your right!

KINGLY by Luciano Palmieri - Via Del Corso, 529 – 00187 Rome

Founded in 1952 by Nestore Palmieri, the roman atelier Kingly is a great choice for buying Italian men’s fashion when it comes to clothing. The store has many famous and high quality brands to choose from like Cruciani, Loro Piana, Schiatti, Jacob Cohen just to name a few of them. Thanks to the professionalism of the son Luciano and grandson Giovanni Maria, the store today is still known to be one of the best. You’ll get there by walking on the road through the middle of the twin churches from Piazza del Popolo and you’ll find the store shortly after!

Re Mishelle – Via del Corso 526 – 00187 Rome

King of the shoes! That’s what I would call this store for women and men! On the outside they have big windows with many shoes to select from! The store also has a bargain section for discounted models. Re Mishelle carries many brands such as Guess, Baldinini, Clarks, Casadei and Moshino just to name a few…

This store carries everything your heart desires and sometimes you can even find the purse that goes with the shoes! From classical shoes to disco dancing sparkling one’s… when shopping at Re Mishelle’s store you’ll probably find it! I also know that to very nice people he maybe will say yes to a small discount…

You’ll get there by walking on the road (Via del Corso) through the middle of the twin churches from Piazza del Popolo. Re Mishelle is on the right.

Alfieri Leather Wear – Via del Corso 1-2 – 00187 Rome

Alfieri opened in 1960 and is one of the most popular leather producers in Rome. This store offers all types, colors and styles of leather clothes, as well as a wide range of boots, hats, belts and bags for men and women! The Italian tradition in leather manufacturing is known around the globe for its excellent quality products. All Alfieri products are made in Italy. The store is stocked generously so it’s almost impossible to not find some you’re looking for! The prices are reasonable. Generally with leather wear, I would suggest you always check the zippers and stitching before you buy! Take the middle road of the twin churches and Alfieri will be shortly on your left!

Antichita’ Ripetta – Via di Ripetta 2/A – 00187 Rome

Diego Colonna the store owner is a very friendly and curious person! He told me a real funny story regarding his business; when he was a small boy his father already collected antiques, he used to put everything on the table after a long day and Diego was convinced his dad was a robber! Only growing did he understand why and from where all the different objects came from!  If you’re looking for a “special” Roman souvenir, this is definitely the perfect store for you. When walking inside this small, cozy place you don’t know where or what to look at first! Even if you’re not into antiques and don’t want to buy anything… this place is still worth a visit! He can ship all over the world! You’ll get there by walking down on the left street from the twin churches named Via di Ripetta and you’ll find Diego on your right!

F.lli Petochi Gioielleria – Via Margutta 1/b – 00187 Rome

Hidden in Via Margutta there’s a nice jewelry store. Petocchi sells silverware, art objects and jewels. You’ll find roman coins mounted in jewelry, forming the centerpieces of rings, brooches, and necklaces.

The Petocchi jewelry store was founded 1884 and is run by Petocchi’s sons. This Roman jewelry family has been in business for 6 generations! The inspiration of the jewelry pieces come from the city Rome itself and the history which is related to the city… some of the collections are called “Trevi” or  ”Appia. Getting to Via Margutta is easy; just follow the road you see on your left from the twin churches while standing on Piazza del Popolo and turn left just after the Chopard shop on your left.




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