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Dal Bolognese Restaurant Rome

Dal Bolognese Restaurant Rome

Dal Bolognese Restaurant Rome is located on the magnificent Piazza del Popolo.

The Italian culture can be expressed in many ways and one unique way of expression is through the gastronomic sector, famous even abroad. Italy has many regions and every region has their very own dishes which represents them. Dal Bolognese restaurant will show you the traditions and flavors of “Emiglia Romagna”. I’m sure everyone knows what “mortadella, parmigiano reggiano, fossa cheese and prosciutto parma is; they all come from this region which is probably more famous for its food than the Lazio region is. The most famous food of all is the spaghetti sauce! If you talk to any “granny cooks” from the region they will tell you that a real Bolognese sauce must cook slowly for 4 hours and in the end a wooden spoon has to be able to stand straight when put inside the pot! Dal Bolognese restaurant you can have a taste…

Second famous, I would say are the “tortellini in brodo” which means tortellini in a home-made soup. This special soup is made with meat and fresh vegetables. You’ll be able to eat the meat (bollito) too which is actually the house specialty and highlight of the Dal Bolognese restaurant. The boiled meats are served from a large copper cart in the middle of the front dining room and most tourists don’t know about this distinctive feature. It’s very difficult to make “il bollito misto” (mixed boiled meats) so the meat gets nice and tender! The water which then turns into soup are put over the tortellini! So instead of trying fish meals at Dal Bolognese just give prominence to the “bollito”!

Their wine list is extensive and fairly priced. The service and atmosphere is friendly and outstanding! Also try their fantastic deserts of frozen fruits with ice-cream inside!

Dal Bolognese restaurant - Piazza del Popolo 2 - 00187 Rome

Outside seating Dal Bolognese in Rome

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