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Shopping in the Vatican City

Shopping in the Vatican City - Religious articles and more souvenirs

Shopping in the Vatican City is best done after your visits to all the sight-seeing places. It's no fun walking up 320 stairs to the Cupola of the St. Peter's Basilica with a lot of bags in your hand!

Around the Vatican City, more or less all of the stores sell the same things. You can find special offers for one article and maybe find another article in different colors or versions but more or less; what you see in one store you'll likely find it in the next store too!

As soon as you come out of St. Peter’s Basilica you’ll find a souvenir shop on your left. It doesn’t have a name but there is the writing souvenir next to the door! They sell many articles like postcards, calendars, statues, paintings and books about the Popes and the Vatican history. These articles I mentioned are only a few of the things of what they have in store!

Souvenir shop next to St. Peter's Basilica

Near to St. Peter's Square you'll also find the Galleria S. Pietro shop - Via dei Corridori, 6 - Largo del Colonnato, 5 - Rome . The best part of this souvenir shop is that it also has bathroom facilities, sells stamps and also has a small cafeteria where they serve cold and hot drinks. Inside the shop I saw a booth where a man was selling guided Vatican tours.

Stores in the Vatican city

Via di Porta Angelica area

Walking from St. Peter’s Square to the Vatican Museums you’ll pass by Via di Porta Angelica. This street has the most Vatican souvenir shops of them all! One shop is right next to the other! Walking down the road towards the Vatican Museums there’s a souvenir shop called S. Anna Souvenirs – Via di Porta Angelica, 73/75 – Rome which sells religious articles, coins, articles for smokers and right next to the souvenir shop they also have a cafeteria. S. Anna Souvenir shop impressed me for their friendly staff and cleanness of the shop. Right next to the cashier you’ll find a funny roman statue!

If you’re looking for a typical Italian jewelry piece to take home with you then the souvenir shop Italian Style – Via Porta Angelica, 61 – Rome is the right place to look! This shop is officially authorized to sell Antica Murrina. An Antica Murrina jewel is the synonym of traditional craftsmanship and stylistic vocation. The foundation is the old manufacturing skill to create transparent and colored beads. Each glass boule is made from a Murano glass cane and lamp worked, one by one. The Italian Style store also sells Cameo, articles made out of silver and the most beautiful pictures made out of mosaic! The owners are very friendly and will be glad to help you choose your perfect souvenir for you to take home! I think it’s the only place that doesn’t sell the usual articles everyone else does in this street!

Generally, even on the street many vendors sell leather bags, plastic bags or sometimes next to the walls you’ll find a nice little old lady that makes hand-made table clothes!

In a whole different area namely near Piazza Pio XII you’ll other souvenir shops. One of them is called Galleria Savelli – Piazza Pio XII, 1/2 – 00193 Rome. This historic shop which was opened in 1898 is quite a big shop, if not the biggest of them all and inside you’ll be able to find more sections of different articles; for example a jewelry shop with many 18kt golden crosses, chains and bracelets. They also sell gracious candles with different religious motives on them. Galleria Savelli also offer tours inside the Vatican area in several languages. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, so be sure to find whatever you are looking for!

If you're looking for a Vatican Book shop then right next to the Galleria Savelli there is the Book Shop Benedetto XVI - Piazza Pio XII 5  - Rome. The have more shops all around Rome and if you want you can also order the books from the internet! Many books are also available in many different languages. Even if you're not in to reading you should have a look inside because the store is very particular!

Another great souvenir shop around Piazza Pio XII is Capriotti - Piazza Pio XII, 5 - Rome. I would say they have a wide choice on crosses in different shapes and colors! I also saw very nice decorated plates with different religious pictures on them. When I was inside they had a sale on calendars with great pictures of Michelangelo paintings!

Shops in Via della Conciliazione street area

Via della Conciliazione is the Street that takes you from Saint Peter's Square to Castel Sant'Angelo. It has the most book shops and some of the best souvenir shops for religious articles in that area. One of my favourite shops is called Domus Artis - Via della Conciliazione, 48 - 00193 - Roma – Italy. If you're looking for quality souvenirs, then you should stop by here.


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  1. We will be in Rome the last Sunday of May. Are the Vatican City Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peters Basilica all open on the last Sunday of the month? If so, do you know the hours? Thanks.

  2. Usually the Vatican Museums are closed on Sundays. The last Sunday of every month though, the Vatican Museums are open and you will have free entrance from 9.00 AM to 12.30 PM. Note that the Museums close at 2.00 PM. If the last Sunday of the month coincides with Easter Sunday, the 29th of June (St. Peter and Paul), 25th and 26th of December (Christmas and St. Stephen) then it will remain closed. Be prepared for long lines! The Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museums and therefore has the same opening hours.
    St. Peter’s Basilica is open daily from April-September from 7.00 AM – 7.00 PM and from October-March from 7.00 AM – 6.00 PM.

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