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Casina Valadier Restaurant Rome

Casina Valadier Restaurant Rome

A place you shouldn’t miss is the Casina Valadier restaurant inside Villa Borghese on top of the Pincio hill, going up from Piazza del Popolo. The breathtaking view with St. Peter's basilica in the distance from this restaurant over Rome is simply magnificent! The villa itself has been finely renovated; it still maintains that aura of nobility which it had gained throughout the decades. It was built between 1816 and 1837 by a well-known Roman architect named Giuseppe Valadier. The same architect was also involved in the restoration of Piazza Del Popolo and Pincio.

Casina Valadier Restaurant Rome was planned and built to be used as a meeting place, as a matter of fact, it in the past it used to be the most fashionable place to go in Rome! Artists of all kind, international intellectuals and politicians used to spend their free time on the Pincio hill. Tables are well spaced on a lovely terrace where you could also come around 7.00PM for an Italian aperitivo and enjoy the sunset looking over the Eternal City! This restaurant serves lunch as well as dinner. The Casina Valadier offers different environments with differentiated costs; from the cafeteria where you can also enjoy breakfast, a late drink or a tasting of Italian and international wines, to an enjoyable meal you can choose on a menu a la carte at the restaurants!

The service is good, even if sometimes it can be a little slow…we are in Italy and the slogan is “la dolce vita”…the sweet life. The waiters are friendly and the environment is delightful! The food is tasty, fresh and well presented. The menu is a selection of Mediterranean classic regional dishes. Something to consider;  the Casina Valadier also organizes bigger events such as weddings, receptions, meetings and events! It would surely be the ideal setting!

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