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Public transportation in Rome, Italy

Public transportation in Rome - getting around Rome

Rome has a wide transportation system and it is usually functional. Probably not all the buses are on time and when it rains everything gets mixed up and you can only depend on the metro…it is also very difficult to get a taxi when it rains! The fastest way to get around Rome is the Metro. The Metro is accessible in the city center and is widely spread. Piazza di Spagna and the Colosseum are only 2 KM apart. Most of the historical monuments are in the same area.

Metro in Rome

The Metro has only 2 lines; the A line (red line) and the B line (blue line). Their encounter point is the Termini train station. They start at 5.50 AM and finish at 11.30PM. Saturdays they finish at 12.30 PM. They go every 7-10 minutes. During summer time, public transportation often strikes and it’s usually on a Friday.

How to use your Metro ticket: At Metro Stations there are ticket barriers where you insert your tickets.

Beware; you must insert your tickets before you enter and before you leave the Metro Station!



Rome Metro map

Metro map Rome

Buses in Rome

Buses and the tram operate from 5.30AM until midnight. Night buses run from 12.30PM until 5.30AM. 20 bus lines run through the night. The bus station is marked with an owl! The main bus stations are Piazza Venezia (near the Colosseum) and Termini station. Buses leave every 30 minutes. Beware; the last tram and buses before the night shift begins are jammed! I wouldn’t recommend taking them for more than one reason…

For time tables and public transport maps, I would recommend you to visit the official site of public transportation in Rome called ATAC Rome. The site is available in English as well.

Here is a picture of a ticket machine on the tram. Note; have the exact amount of coins prepared because it doesn’t give you change! After, you must validate the ticket by putting it in the other machine.

Metro Bus tickets

Where to buy your tickets;

Before, the bus drivers used to sell tickets and that now is over. The bus driver doesn’t sell any more tickets! You can purchase your tickets in tabacchi stores, newsstands or vending machines – which are difficult to find because you wouldn’t have them next to the stops; usually though you'll find them in the Metro zone.

Rome Bus tickets - prices

When buying your local public transport ticket you have a couple of options, depending on your stay and your plans. Bus tickets are not expensive and have a good coverage of the city.

A one way ticket costs Euro 1.50 for adults and is valid for 75 minutes on all buses or for one metro ride.

A day ticket costs Euro 6.00 for adults and is valid for trams, buses and trains inside the city.

A three day ticket costs Euro 16.50 for adults and is valid for trams, buses and trains inside the city plus everything else which is written behind the ticket.

A weekly ticket costs Euro 24.00 for adults.

Children under 10 ride for free!

Please note: You always have to validate your ticket in the yellow ticket validation machines you find on trams and buses! Tickets are valid for calendar days and not 24 hours from your first use when you validated it! 





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