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Domus Artis Rome

Domus Artis Rome

Domus Artis Rome souvenir shop is located at the beginning of Via della Conciliazione, near Saint Peter’s Square. The shop is quite big and the articles are exposed very well and not cramped up together. The shop lies in the historical Rusticucci Palace built for Cardinale Rusticucci in 1585. This gives the surrounding an antique and elegant feeling, especially when looking at the curved walls. Domus Artis is a family business. The Rossetti family descends from an ancient roman family and has always dedicated their time to commercial activities regarding religious objects and jewelry.

You’ll find Mosaic Art Pieces crafted by Master mosaic artists using the technique of cut and yarn. The choices of rosaries are almost unlimited!  Very skilled artisans make sure that the final result is perfect. They use different materials such as wood, metal, silver, gold, Swarovski crystals, pearls, coral, and murine, also decorated with marquetry, chisels, gilt and semiprecious stones. You can get great gifts for people who appreciate Murano Glass; they have beautiful perfume bottles, statues and other articles made out of that material. A large area is dedicated to silver plated pictures which you can hang up on your wall or put on a shelf at home. The motives are usually all religious. Another section is dedicated to Vatican coins and medals which many people collect as a passion and not only look at the commercial value, considering that many pieces are a limited edition!

If you’re in to Christmas articles then you’ll be happy to know that Domus Artis has Christmas articles all year round. During the Christmas season they expand their choice of articles. If you want to add something special to your crib, you’ll have a hard time choosing between many crib figures in the store. If you look at some of the carved faces, it seems as if they’d be coming to life sooner or later!  Anyway, this shop here offers mainly high quality souvenirs and not the usual souvenirs which you can find even by walking through the streets. Definitely a must if you’re looking for something really special to bring back home!


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