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Port of Marina Grande Sorrento

Port of Marina Grande Sorrento

Port of Marina Grande Sorrento

The beautiful Port of Marina Grande Sorrento serves as the entrance way of hydrofoils that duck in the pier of Sorrento. Marina Grande lies in the nook of the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana). The port can be found at Via del Mare. Where homes of locals, restaurants and shops rise along the curve of the majestic sea rocks.

Port of Marina Grande Sorrento is an ancient fishing village. Locals and tourists alike can witness dozens of Gozzi Sorrentini. The word ‘gozzo’ means boat. Gozzi Sorrentini, in particular, means a hand-made wooden boat with a triangular-shaped sail. During the ancient times, even before Sorrento became a popular tourist destination in Italy, fishing was the main source of living of the people in this town. Today, fishermen can still be found in Marina Grande sitting and mending fish nets with their bare hands.

One of the attractions that is worth-while to visit during your first few days in Sorrento is undoubtedly Marina Grande. This is true especially for people who just want to stroll along the shore and dine at nearby restaurants afterwards. The restaurants at the port are countless. And of course, because of the location, most of the restaurants delicacies are made from fresh fish.

In addition to strolling and dining, this place is most ideal for sunrise and/or sunset viewing. If your hotel or the place you are staying at is near Marina Grande, then I recommended that you come here early dawn or late afternoon in time for sunrise/sunset. Also there is a small beach where can go in the water, or just lay on the sand and work on your tan.

The best part of this place is perhaps the church. Sant’Anna, a church built in honor of Saint Anne, the patron saint of Sorrento, can be found in the heart of Marina Grande. Every 26th of July is the celebration of the Feast of St. Anne. During this holiday, people cram to the port and the sea gets filled with colorful and lighted boats. There is also a procession of the statue of the female saint.

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