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Osteria delle Commari Restaurant Rome


Osteria delle Commari Restaurant Rome

Osteria delle Commari serves authentic Roman dishes near the Vatican

It’s not easy finding a good restaurant where to dine in a busy tourist location. Osteria delle Commari is very famous with locals and they also organize dinners for special occasions like New Years or a big family reunion! Come and try them out even if you’re a big group. When a restaurant fills up with people that live in the city, it’s a good sign! I’d recommend you to start out with their antipasti della casa (starters) and then try one of their pasta dishes! Osteria delle Commari is sort of an intimate, small and cozy place where you never get the feeling it’s overcrowded.

Osteria delle Commari is relatively new! The fresh dishes are prepared with number one raw materials and then get processed with care, according to a genuinely custom family tradition recipe! No hidden ingredients or fancy stuff to make your plate look nicer; just typical plain Italian! Some traditional roman dishes would be; spaghetti all'amatriciana ( a traditional Italian pasta sauce based on cured pork cheek, pecorino cheese, and tomato), La carbonara (made of eggs, Pecorino Romano or Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, bacon and black pepper), piglet (a savory, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast) and coda alla vaccinara (stew made of "oxtail" and various vegetables).Together with your food you’ll have a large selection of wines. Many of the wines on the menu have deliberately been chosen because they represent and reflect the territory. The staff and family members, who work together hand in hand, give courtesy and attention to all their customers and in this way they demonstrate that they’d like to obtain a place of high quality service for their clients. A place like this deserves a loud applause for trying to offer its very best even being next to a tourist attraction! You can reach Osteria Commari easily because it’s located close to Metro-Cipro!


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