• Old Bridge Gelateria Rome Italy

    Many people consider Old Bridge Gelateria to be the best Gelato in Italy. No matter what time you visit you will encounter long lines.

Old Bridge Gelateria Rome

Old Bridge Gelateria Rome

Old Bridge Gelateria is one of the best ice-cream parlors in Rome. They offer many amazing flavors to choose from, and they really give you a lot of gelato for the price.

If you are visiting Vatican City, you must stop by Old Bridge Gelateria Rome and try some of their delicious gelato. They are conveniently situated between St Peter’s Square and the museum. As you are walking along the Vatican walls from San Pietro to the Vatican Museums, you need to turn left from Via Porta Angelica and then start following the signs Musei Vaticani. After 600 meters you’ll see Old Bridge Gelateria Rome across the street to your right after Piazza Risorgimento.

They have a large variety of amazing flavors and an outstanding quality. You’ll be able to choose between the cream and the fruit flavors! Something typical Italian would be pistachio, nutella, lemon and coconut. Fruit flavors are made with real fruit pieces and all gelato is made fresh! You can also taste some flavors which are very particular and hard to find elsewhere like ricotta. Ricotta is actually a type of cheese that come either from cow or sheep milk. Ricotta ice-cream originated from the roman pastors life-style activities. They had to make a dessert with ingredients which they could easily get hold of. The ricotta gets mixed with eggs, sugar and either rum, marsala (Italian liquor)or some other liquor you prefer!  There are also different kinds of cones to choose from. The staff is very friendly and seems happy to serve you. An ice-cream which is worth standing on-line for and waiting those extra 10 to 15 minutes.

The only negative thing about Old Bridge Gelateria Rome is that they have so many flavors, that you have a hard time deciding what you want.

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