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Hotel Chateau Monfort Milan

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Hotel Chateau Monfort Milan

Do you have a desire for rooms with whimsical designs? If your answer is yes, then you should book a room in Chateau Monfort. This beautiful boutique hotel will bring back your fondest childhood memory with their fairy tale inspired rooms. Each room is furnished with tailor-made furniture made from luxury materials. Installed with air conditioning and sound proofing technology, rest assured you will remain comfortable throughout your stay.

Hotel Chateau Monfort Milan has five suites. Each one has a uniquely designed interior inspired by some of the most popular Italian operas. This gives the suites a romantic and luxurious ambiance that is perfect for honeymooners. Items that represents the characters of the operas from which the suite is inspired decors the room. It is like you become part of their story without being bothered by all the melodramas. All the amenities and services you expect in luxury suites are at your disposal.

Every hotel serves meals in the most luxurious way possible. However, the hotel’s very own Rubacuori Restaurant can make your dining experience extra special. The restaurant has three floors. Each one is styled in a unique, fun and sophisticated way. The restaurant has its own executive chef and chef pasticcere, who ensures you will be enjoying world-class cuisines. Do not miss their wine tasting session, which is facilitated by a seasoned sommelier. In addition to perfectly-aged bottles of wine, delicious Salami and the best selection of cheese will be served during the session. Breakfast buffet is a terrific spread, with eggs cooked to order. Definitely something for everyone.

Hotel Chateau Monfort Milan has a small gym and spa. The Turkish bath is hot and steamy as it should be.

The location of Hotel Chateau Monfort is a ten minute drive from Milano Centrale railway station. And a fifteen minute walk from the Duomo, the heart of Milan. Some of the best spots in Milan like the Quadrilatero d'Oro fashion district, Milan Cathedral and Piazza San Babila are located near Chateau Monfort. There are also many excellent restaurants located around the hotel. This hotel never fails to mesmerize guests. It is best for you to experience it yourself.

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