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Rome with children

Going to Rome with children - Italy with kids


Romans and generally Italians are extremely child friendly. Children rule! I would not advise you to come in the hottest months like June, July or August with your kids to do sight-seeing, although the beaches would be perfect!


When you arrive at a restaurant it’s not like the States were they give kids crayons and paper to draw. You need to bring something from home to keep your children busy at the table. Also, Italian restaurants do not offer Kid’s menus; kids pay the same price adults do and also get an adult portion. Sometimes it’s better to share a plate if you have 2 kids.  Do not wonder if you see children running around in restaurants instead of sitting on a chair. Italians are very tolerant.


Roman streets are mainly cobblestone. It’s not that difficult pushing a stroller with good quality wheels. What can be a problem though; is crossing the streets because you might have difficulty to get past the parked cars, there wouldn’t be enough space! It can happen that you’ll be pushing on the roads.

Very often cars or scooters do not stop on red lights. Do not have your children running in front of you and look twice even with a green light before you cross the streets! Rome is also full of stairs when you walk around down town. Just keep it in mind when packing for the day! Water fountains can be found everywhere throughout the city! Cool fresh water runs down non-stop for everyone to drink! It is safe and refreshing for the whole family!


Most of the bathrooms in Rome don’t offer any child-friendly facilities. It’s rare to find a table where you can change your baby’s diapers. Better you carry your own things with you at all times. Most of the public bathrooms do not have toilet paper or are very clean. Even in restaurants, especially crowded places do not have toilet paper inside the bathrooms. Always carry some Kleenexes with you.

Public transportation

If you are around and about with a stroller then beware; accesses to some subways have no elevators so be prepared to either carry it down the stairs or fold it up. During rush hours, from 8.00AM to 9.30AM and from 5.00PM to 6.30PM, the Metro and buses are pact! A stroller will have no space at all. Also, the last bus and tram of the day are packed too, mostly with workers who have finished their day. My suggestion; take the hop-on-hop off bus to take you around and stop at the sights!

Things for kids to do in Rome

You could spend an afternoon strolling with your kids in the Zoo – Bioparco di Roma - Viale del Giardino Zoologico, 20 - 00197 Rome. Rome’s zoo is one of the oldest in Europe! It opened in 1911 inside Villa Borghese. Currently, more than 1000 animals are living inside the Bioparco.

Should it be raining, you can try out the Explora Childrens Museum - Via Flaminia 80/86 - 00100 Rome – Italy. This museum for kids is not far from the center Piazza del Popolo and you can easily walk to it. It’s fun and interesting for your little ones because Explora offers many activities and games to promote education, learning and understanding of our world!

A little further away in the Eur zone, which is a little outside of downtown but can easily be reached with the Metro B, you can visit the Planetarium and Astronomical Museum - Piazza G. Agnelli, 10 - 00144 Rome - Italy. The Planetarium of Rome was opened in 1928. As a matter of fact, it was also one of the first Planetariums in the whole wide world!

A really cool thing to do with your kids can be the new attraction Time Elevator Roma - Via dei SS. Apostoli, 20 – 00187 Rome- Italy. Thanks to a 3D movie with special effects you’ll go back in time and learn more about history, science, art and nature! It takes you back in time when Romulus and Remus founded Rome!

Why not take a bike tour in the beautiful gardens of Villa Borghese Park – Piazzale Flaminio - 00155 Rome – Italy. Playgrounds and picnic areas are sure to give you a moment of relaxation from the city stress! Walk right over from Piazza del Popolo!

For animal lovers; another attraction that will make your children’s heart melt is the Cat Sanctuary in Largo di Torre Argentina – Rome – Italy. Around 200 stray cats have found a new home there and the number is always increasing!  They also offer tours for kids to see the cats!  A nice break from the normal tourist activities!

On the outskirts of Rome about an hour’s drive away, the Romans built an amusement park called Rainbow Magic Land - Via della Pace – 00038 Valmontone – Italy. They have around 36 rides and 10 shows going on daily! Trains take you almost every hour to Valmontone from the Termini station! Fun for the whole family!

A really fun place especially during the summer on a very hot day is the water amusement park Zoomarine Via Zara - 00040 Pomezia – Italy. Not only does this fun waterpark, which lies south about an hour away from Rome, offer a gigantic pool that looks like a lake but it has many shows and attractions including a fun roller coaster! If you book in advance, you’ll have the chance to swim with dolphins!

Something very simple but a lot of fun for kids is simply going to the Ostia beach – 00121 Lido di Ostia – Italy. The beaches have cream colored sand and are very clean! You can rent chairs and umbrellas for the day which aren’t actually that expensive! On the lungo mare – sea side – you’ll find many restaurants or pizza places for a quick lunch! Getting there is easy!




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