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Birreria Martini Restaurant Rome

Birreria Martini Restaurant Rome

German Food and Beer in Rome

The owner is very friendly and welcoming to his guests! It’s the only place in Rome where you can buy the Vatican Beer from outside the Vatican. The previous Pope was from Germany, Bavaria – home of beer and so I guess it’s normal to have a beer dedicated to him. The owner, Mr. Franco is a very good host! He was abroad for many years, living in Germany and other German speaking countries. One of his passions is collecting Beer mugs from all over. He already has a huge collection which he exhibits in his restaurant. Some of them he bought and others were given to him as a present!

Birreria Martini Restaurant Rome isn’t that big of a restaurant, but it's very cozy. The furnishings are typically German/Bavarian style with all the wood inside, the carvings of the tables and chairs, the lights and the animal head trophies hanging on the wall. Not only do they have a vast selection of Beers which are from the draft and served at a perfect temperature but they also feature a great selection of wines to choose from too. The things you can eat at Birreria Martini are typical for the Bavarian region like Wurstel (sausages), Gulasch (which is originally from Hungaria) potatoes and pretzels. The mustard is home made by Mr. Franco and most of the items they serve are imported directly from Germany. You can also try the Austrian cake Sacher as your dessert. For all you hamburger fans you can come here too because Birreria Martini serves these as well. The prices are a little higher than the average but you do have a sort of Oktoberfest atmosphere in the middle of Rome and next to the Vatican museum. All this comes with real German music in the back-ground to top it off!

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