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Cul de Sac Restaurant Rome

Cul de Sac Restaurant Rome

There is an Italian saying "vino veritas" which means that the truth lies in the wine. When you are tipsy or drunk, people start telling the truth. I'm mentioning this because Cul de Sac Restaurant is right next to the "talking statue" where the old Romans used to hang up signs around the neck of the statue, writing their thoughts about the political situation those days, without having to give prize their idententy. It probably went smoother if they were guests in the Enoteca before their deeds.

For wine lovers, this is the first stop you should make when in Rome.  Cul de Sac Restaurant offers more than 1500 sorts of wines. When standing on the doorstep, a delicious scent of cold meats and cheese run up your nose. To your left and right all you see is wine bottles everywhere. The space inside for the tables and chairs is narrow but this makes their customers feel nice and cozy. Wooden benches and tables offer inside seating and during the warmer days you can sit outside on a veranda right next to the talking statue.

The food specialties in this place is cold meat cuts from all over the regions of Italy. Mouth-watering Italian and French cheese selections are available as well. They also serve very typical Roman dishes like coda alla vaccinara - cows tails with different sorts of vegetables, trippa - a tasty winter stew made out of stomach pieces from different kind of animals but mainly from pork or beef.

During old times the Tripparoli - vendors that went from door to door with bits and pieces of cow heads, lungs, brains or other leftovers on a tray to sell. Today it's considered a specialty.

Most of L'Enoteca Cul de Sac Restaurant clients are locals and many actors from the nearby theaters come in after the shows. You can either have dinner and even late-dinner at this place. The service is extra ordinary and the waiters and sommeliers really know their stuff. You will be surprised and overwhelmed by the choices and servings at the Cul de Sac. The prices here depend on your choices of wine ...

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