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Assunta Madre Restaurant Rome

Assunta Madre Restaurant Rome

Walking the extra hundred meters from Piazza Navona is really worth your effort and you wouldn't have regrets. From Piazza Navona, just walk towards the Tiber River and you'll eventually bump into Via Giulia which is a parallel street to the river.

Comparing it to all the other fantastic fish restaurants around Rome, Assunta Madre has the nicest interior setting in my opinion. A part if the setting inside is "fisherman cave" looking and with the low hanging lamps over the table you could have the impression that you're sitting inside a ship while dining.

Some of the walls are covered with brick or dark wooden panels with very extra - large paintings on the wall. On the other side, you'll find pictures of the owners with all kind of national and international VIP's that have eaten in this famous place. The funny thing about this restaurant is that not all areas look the same. There is also a new modern part which is reserved for private dining or special occasions, decorated with light colors which give a very nice atmosphere. You wouldn't actually say that it's one and the same restaurant, it even has two different entrances.

Now, let's come to the best part - the fish! The tremendous wide choice of fresh fish is exposed near the entrance as if Assunta Madre would be a fish market.

When the waiter comes to your table, Assunta Madre is a place where you can delegate the choice of your food and put yourself in your waiter's hands. He'll bring you all kinds of prepared seafood platters you didn't even know existed. The mixed raw fish platter is one of my favorites, a real delicatessen, especially for seafood lovers.

The staff is very professional, quick and helpful. Book in advance because Assunta Madre - the owner named the restaurant after his mother - is always full. Assunta Madre is open every day but only for dinner. Prices are high but every penny is worth it. By the way, Assunta Madre will open a restaurant in London soon ...

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