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Alvaro al Circo Massimo Restaurant Rome

Alvaro al Circo Massimo Restaurant Rome

Alvaro al Circo Massimo is a historical restaurant in Rome. This family run restaurant serves authentic Italian dishes. Alvaro al Circo Massimo is a short walk from the Mouth of Truth. It is located on your right hand side on Via dei Cerchi after the monument.

Lunch is served from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM and dinner is served from 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM. Alvaro al Circo Massimo is decorated in a homely style setting which gives the feeling of being in a cozy ambience. The interiors are made out of dark wood and the walls are decorated with family pictures.

By the way, many people you see in the pictures dated 1970 are still working inside the restaurant today. Can you imagine; the owner's wife is still doing the cooking in the kitchen. Alvaro al Circo Massimo has tables inside as well as outside. When walking through the door people with smiling faces and the friendly staff will approach and greet you. The service seems to be pretty fast as well.

Once you sit down, you'll immediately get served by getting a jug of water on the table. Alvaro al Circo Massimo serves fresh fish plates as well as meat plates. On the menu you'll find everything from fresh appetizers, fantastic main courses and memorable desserts. Alvaro al Circo Massimo is closed on Sunday evenings and on Mondays.

This restaurant is historical and used to be very popular with politicians of the first Republic. Even today locals find their way through the door and that is always a good sign when looking for a pace to eat. If you are found of truffle, mushrooms; like mouthwatering Porcini mushrooms on the grill and wild hunted animal dishes; like a juicy guinea-hen from the oven, then you have come to the right place.

Of course you wouldn't find these specialties year round but only during their season. Regarding their most famous fish plate; I've heard it must be pasta with stone brass. The wine list has everything your heart may desire and if you'd like a good value, we'd suggest you'd take the house wine.

They also offer a wide selection of Italian desserts; the most famous ones are ricotta, which is a soft, white, Italian cheese and Tiramisu!



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