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Agruminato Garden Sorrento

Agruminato Garden Sorrento

Agruminato Garden Sorrento

A citrus garden is a typical sight in the Sorrento Peninsula. What makes the Agruminato standout from other gardens is its location. Tourists can find it on Via Correale, 27, at the heart of the town. The estate where the garden is located originally belonged to the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, and once known as the Fondo Petrulo. This 60, 000 square meter citrus garden gradually decreased in size, and it was almost eradicated due to the creation of new buildings in the area.

Fortunately, the local government of Sorrento is making aggressive efforts to preserve traditions, so they can pass it on to future generations and share with to the world. One of the benefits of this government initiative is the preservation of the citrus garden. Much of the original estate were purchased and developed already. However, the Municipality of Sorrento was able to save approximately 11, 000 square meter of the estate. It is officially inaugurated as the town’s citrus garden. This is open to the public, so you can check it out once you are in town.

Agruminato Garden Sorrento allows visitors to walk across the grove, and enjoy the scent of citrus and lemon. As you wander along the shady path, you could hear birds singing and occasional buzzing of some insects. It is such a peaceful place; you will surely forget that Agruminato Garden Sorrento is actually in the middle of a busy town. It is a nice place to go if you want to escape the noise of the city, and enjoy the beauty of nature for a few minutes.

The produce of the garden is harvested by its caretaker, the I Giardini di Cataldo. They produce a wide range of citrus products from juices to liquors. If you are interested, you can buy some of their products in their store, which is located just across the garden. Many of the garden guests not only tried the products, they also bought some more to give as gifts.

Several top rated restaurants are located near the citrus garden like the REUP, La Dolce Sorrento, and Villa Rubinacci. It will only take a short trip in order to reach these restaurants. If you want to stay in an excellent accommodation near this special citrus garden, then consider checking in either in Europa Palace Grand Hotel, Gocce di Limone B&B Sorrento, or in Grand Hotel De La Ville Sorrento.

There is no doubt that the Agruminato is a small paradise in the middle of a noisy and crowded town. Leaving Sorrento without visiting this citrus garden is definitely a big mistake. It is no longer surprising why this became one of the most recommended tourist spot in Sorrento. Visit the garden, and enjoy the delicious scent of fresh citrus fruits.


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