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Il Latini Restaurant Florence Italy

Il Latini Restaurant Florence Italy

Il Latini Restaurant is an Italian experience for any traveler visiting Florence.

You can enjoy several things when visiting Il Latini Restaurant. Delicious food. Excellent service and ambiance. Il Latini Restaurant is a great place to come with a group of people. When my family and I got to the restaurant it was buzzing and packed with locals. It was truly a fun and noisy Italian dining experience. The wait staff  is very friendly. And on top of everything. Their table wine is already on the table when you sit down. It is delicious and perfect for everything they serve.

Il Latini Restaurant is a place where you really want your server to guide you in your meal. Don't bother asking for a menu because you don't need one. Just take a seat and you will be taken care of.  Wait staff will tell you what to get and how it works.

They first brought out crispy baked bread. It was fresh, warm and delicious. Then they proceeded to bring out plates at a nice leisure. Tasty prosciutto and sweet melon. A cold barley salad. It had a nice lemon flavor and the barley had a great texture.

The second course was three different homemade pastas. Spinach and ricotta ravioli. Rabbit Gnocchi. The third was a Tuscan style bolognese. They were all fantastic.

Our third course was a trio of meat and vegetables. Pork Loin. Balsamic steak. Roasted Chicken. All three were tender and cooked to perfection.

Before dessert was brought to us our waiter gave us biscotti and Vin Santo, a sweet wine. Desserts were also unbelievable. We had panna cotta topped with fresh strawberries. We also had a traditional Florentine almond cake. Both were divine. Coffee was fresh, hot and strong.

Our waiter gave all of us a complimentary glass of their limoncello. It had a good amount of sugar and was much smoother than any other one I have tried.

Il Latini Restaurant exceeded our expectations for Tuscan dining. Plenty of food and wine. Service was enormously friendly.

I recommend dining at Il Latini Restaurant. It is a grand experience that you will talk about for years.




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