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Grom Gelato Florence

Grom Gelato Florence

Grom is located about block from the Duomo off one of the side streets.  It is easy to miss as it maintains a very simple exterior. If you see a long line that goes around the corner of a building, you most likely have found Grom. But remember when you see a long line in Italy, you know that's where the best of something is and it is worth the wait. You don’t have to worry too much because the line moves fairly quickly. This will give you an opportunity to view the Duomo while the line cuts down.

Grom is a chain, but don't let that discourage you. They offer a high quality product and have a nice variety of flavors, so they will have something you like.

The store was spotless. The friendly staff served their famous gelato from covered stainless steel tubs that are covered and kept in properly cooled areas.

Without the artificial coloring and additives, Grom provides and incredible gelato experience with their jaw-dropping flavors and perfect consistency. The gelato is creamy but not heavy. All the flavors are pronounced and it just tastes so wholesome. You can taste the quality and the ingredients are fresh and seasonal. So don’t expect to get strawberry in after the summer.

I went to Grom several times while in Florence and each time was delicious. The first time I tried coffee flavor with biscotti bits and pistachio with tiny bits of nuts in it with great flavors. The coffee flavor was just the perfect blend of bitter and sweet without being too rich. The second time I tried Crema di Grom. It is their signature flavor and has a vanilla cream flavor. It was excellent. The third time I had the dark chocolate and egg cream. I know it sounds a little questionable, but honestly the flavor combination was amazing.

I will stop short of suggesting any specific flavor. It really doesn't matter what flavor you choose, because I know it will be awesome.

Definitely make a stop at Grom while you're in Florence. After ordering your gelato find a bench near the Duomo for a fabulous Florentine experience.

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