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Antico Vinaio Florence Italy

Antico Vinaio

Absolutely excellent sandwiches!

Antico Vinaio is a terrific rustic Italian sandwich shop located around the corner from the Uffizi Gallery. My family and I stopped here for lunch after a tiring afternoon at the Uffizi.

Don't be turned away by the line it moves quickly and is well worth it. I would definitely not pass this up.

The staff speaks decent English. It was fun to watch the guys behind the counter interact with one another. They are amazingly friendly despite the madness from the locals and tourists who come in there wanting to be served immediately. The gentleman that waited on us could not have been nicer.

Antico Vinaio has a nice selection of sandwiches. It offers different bread depending on the sandwich filling. Everything is fresh. Including the cheese, meats, their spreads and especially the bread. While we were in line we witnessed the fresh bread come out of the oven.

If you can't decide what to order just tell them to make you something good. You will not be disappointed.

We got four different sandwiches and shared them with each other. All sandwiches are huge, filling and very tasty. My favorite was the wild boar meat with pecorino cheese. The prosciutto and pecorino cheese with the artichoke spread topped with arugula was a big hit. Buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil and marinated eggplant on the panini was great. The smoked prosciutto and smoked cheese with truffle, porcini mushrooms, zucchini, fresh tomatoes, rocket on focaccia bread was exquisite.

Another highlight at Antico Vinaio is the wine. Wine and glasses are on the honor system for 2euros a glass. You help yourself to a glass of their house red wine. You pour your own drink and place two euros on the counter.

The only downside at All'Antico Vinaio is there almost nowhere to sit. They only have four stools at a side bar. So you'll most likely be eating your sandwich on the curb outside of the restaurant or the steps of the nearby piazza.

Antico Vinaio is definitely one of the spots you don't want to miss as a tourist. It was amazing definitely eat here. I wish we had a place like this in my hometown.

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