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Alle Murate Restaurant Florence

Alle Murate Restaurant Florence

Alle Murate is located near the Duomo.  This restaurant has personality, charm and character.

If you enjoy food prepared with excellent ingredients and served in an elegant manner, then having dinner at Alle Murate will be a great experience. The chef is this lovely lady and everything she prepares is terrific.

When we were seated at our table we were immediately given a menu and a complimentary glass of Prosecco. The menu at Alle Murate changes daily. They offer new variations of classical Tuscan dishes depending on what the chef can get at the local market. They do have several signature dishes for which they're most well known.

The beef tartare was a great start. It came out with four ingredients. Beef tartare, mini crepes, fresh chopped oregano and their house mayo.

The sea bass was delicious; the delicate fish was cooked to perfection. The pigeon was superb. It consisted of rich flavor and smooth texture. Perfectly pink breast, foie gras style liver on toasted baguette, and stuffed leg.

Then there's dessert. We had a cheesecake and the chocolate cake with the orange sorbet, both was to die for.

Alle Murate may be one of the most beautiful restaurants in Florence. It is actually a museum as well. The interior inside is magnificent with its ancient walls and ceilings decorated with 14th century frescos including Dante's original portrait. (It is said to be the oldest one in existence.) Our waiter gave us a tour of the whole restaurant explaining the art and history of the building.

We also had a chance to visit the Roman ruins in the basement. It is an archeological excavation site all to its own. The Plexiglas floors will allow you to see the remnants of ancient days. The artifacts that were found in the dig below are arranged throughout the three floors of Alle Murate.

The food and the atmosphere were excellent. The service was also great. They spoke English and I found them to be friendly and attentive.

Alle Murate is a bit pricey, but eminently worth the exquisite dining experience. Come here when you want to splurge and have a great time. It is the perfect venue for an intimate dinner for two. Restaurant was full when we were there. I recommended making a reservation if you plan on going. It is definitely worth a visit if you're in Florence.

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