• Termini railway station Rome

    The Termini Train Station in Rome is the main railway into and out of Rome. You can easily get to the Rome Airport via the Termini Train Station and many other major cities.

Termini railway station Rome


Termini railway station Rome

Termini railway station - Rome Piazza, dei Cinquecento, Rome Italy

Termini railway station is the main railway station of Rome. The address is Piazza dei Cinquecento 00185, Rome, Italy.

Something important for you to know is that Termini train station has 3 exits. When you come out of the section of where the trains stop and keep going straight on, you’ll come out on Piazza dei Cinquecento, which is the main entrance. If you turn right, with your back to the trains, you’ll take the exit Via Marsala. If you turn left you’ll come out in Via Giolitti. The building Termini train station, also called “the dinosaur” by the Romans because of its shape, lies in between those two streets.

Where to buy train tickets

You have more than one choice on that issue! If you want, you can use the self-service machines which are right next to the main entrance, to issue your tickets, if not you can do it the old-fashioned way and buy your tickets at the counter. There are many self-service machines so you don’t have to stand in line. You can select the English, French, German, Italian and Spanish language for the automatic self-service ticket machine! You can pay with your credit card. For those of you who want to do their ticket in the traditional way, you have a Ticket Office right after the self-service ticket machines when you walk straight on towards the trains. It says Ticket Office in English and the offices are outlines with a red coloring!

Please note: some tickets must be validated/stamped before you get on the train! Ask your sales person! These machines are usually at the beginning of every track.

Very important: Very similar to a Deli department, where you grab a ticket to insure your turn, you have to do the same thing to be able to speak with the staff of the ticket office. The ticket dispenser is in front of the office to your left! You have to wait your turn until you read your number on the panel.

Next to the ticket office to your left when facing it, you also have a travel agency called Frecciaviaggi. It is possible to buy your tickets their also. Line-ups are normal so put that time in your schedule.


If you’re in Rome and haven’t bought your train ticket yet, choose an agency in the city and just walk in. But remember: the earlier you but a train ticket the better price you get! A good agency can get you good deals for trains because Italy has many offers! Insider tip: check-out the travel agency 365 near Platform number 44 near the Via Giolitti entrance. There aren't so many people inside and so the lines are shorter!


After all exits you’ll find taxis but the most comfortable exit is the main one because you have more space and it’s less crowded.

Termini station - Taxi stand is right to your left when you exit Piazza dei Cinquecento

Termini station - Taxi stand is right to your left when you exit Piazza dei Cinquecento

Arriving with the fast train Leonardo Express from Fiumicino Airport

There is a fast train called Leonardo Express that gets you from the Fiumicino airport to Termini station in about 30 minutes. The train stops and departs on track Nr. 24 which is to your right when facing all the trains. The Leonardo Express train isn’t in the first row when standing in front of the lines of trains but you have to walk behind on the right side until you hit the wall.

Luggage Deposit at Termini train station

If you would like to store your luggage for a period of time while you are sightseeing or shopping in Rome, then you can leave your luggage pieces at the luggage deposit inside Termini station.

Termini station-Luggage deposit sign

Termini station-Luggage deposit sign


The luggage deposit is right next to train track number 24 but on the lower floor. There is a sign saying “Deposito Baggagli” which means baggage deposit. The sign next to the tracks is only written in Italian. Sometimes you’ll find a writing “Left luggage” which means luggage deposit. Enter the building next to the tracks Nr. 24, take the elevator and go downstairs. When you get out, you’ll already be in the Luggage deposit room.

If you come in from Via Giolitti or you're somewhere else in the building, then look for the exit Via Giolitti. Next to the COIN store you'll find the elevator which will take you straight inside the luggage deposit.

Beware: it is most probable that you will find long lines to deposit your luggage! If you go early in the morning until 10.00AM the lines are still ok. The worst time to be there is from 4.00PM to 7.00PM, especially during high season (May, June, September, and October). Before you give up your luggage it will go through a metal detector. You give up your luggage, you’ll get a receipt and when you come back and get it you’ll pay.

Opening hours are from 6.00AM to 11.00PM

 The cost for every luggage piece is:

- Up to 5 hours 5.00 Euro

- From 6 to 12 hours they charge 0,70 cents/hour

- After 13 hours they charge 0,30 cents/hour

 Some important rules you must follow when depositing your luggage:

- The luggage piece can only weigh up to 20 KG

- The staff of the luggage deposit is not responsible for valuable objects left inside

- You are not allowed to deposit dangerous or hazardous goods

- You may not deposit your luggage for more than 5 days.

Exchange booths for foreign currency inside Termini station

One booth is next to Frecciarossa travel agency right when you come in through the main entrance which is Piazza dei Cinquecento and keep slightly left. It is positioned in the middle of the complex. They also have SIM phone cards starting at 15.00 Euro. The other Exchange booth is located in front of the train tracks, just in front of the Police office.

Termini station exchange booth

Termini station exchange booth

Taking the Metro from Termini train station

You'll find the entrance to the Metro right in the middle of the train stain but you'll have to take an escalator or steps to get down. Just follow the sign with the red M (M for Metro) and you can't be wrong because it's pretty much marked everywhere around Termini station. There is a self-service ticket machine before you walk through the gate to get to the Metro and you can choose from 5 different languages for using it which are Italian, English, German, French and Spanish. The machine is very easy to use and understand. The options are not that many so basically you can't do much wrong! If not, just go further on because after 10 meters, just in front of the Metro's entrance gate, you'll find a ticket booth with a line-up!

In Italy, you may also buy bus and metro tickets in all Tabacchi stores. Tabacchi stores are indicated with a blue T. Tabacchi stores are originally for smokers but meanwhile they sell a little bit of everything!

Main Bus station in Termini

When you take the main exit which is Piazza dei Cinquecento, you'll find the main bus station right in front of you, slightly to your left.

As soon as you come out, to your right, you'll see a little kiosk with the writing "Public transport in Rome - Information Center" Here they'll give you information regarding transportation in Rome. You wouldn't get any tickets or maps!

You'll cross the square and see the hop on - hop off bus stop in the middle, further down to your left are all the buses. If you look to your right, you'll see a tiny little house with a friendly old man sitting inside! You can buy your ticket here!

On the right hand side of Piazza dei Cinquecento  you'll see a long line of small shops offering tours and excursions! You can buy your bus tickets there too!

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