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Taverna Parione Restaurant Rome

Taverna Parione Restaurant Rome

Guests have the possibility to sit inside as well as outside for lunch and dinner, The first thing that pops to my eye when approaching the Taverna Parione are the checkered red and white table clothes, which remind me of an old Italian granny's kitchen, where the granny still stands behind the oven, making sure that the wooden spoon will stand inside the ragu pot without falling over. Pizza is made in traditional wooden ovens and taste absolutely fabulous.

Taverna Parione strongly recommends you to try the pizza which Italians call camicia, just imagine a round pizza that gets folded and put in the oven. The inside gets melted together and when you take the first bite, all the melted cheese will flow right out of it. Taverna Parione even serves pizza with truffle or other sorts of mushrooms which is a real specialty and not every Pizzeria has!

One of my favorite courses in Taverna Parione is the pasta combinations they offer their guests. Pasta like Fettuccini pasta or gnocchi balls are hand-made and cooked fresh when asked for by the client. Nothing is precooked but all dishes are slowly prepared with love and fresh ingredients. The meat is nice and juicy, one of their best meat dishes which would be the main course is Saltimbocca alla Romana, the grilled sliced beef. A typical Roman pasta dish would be the special Spaghetto Cacio e Pepe, which is home-made spaghetti with pecorino (sheep) cheese and pepper.

The owner and staff are very friendly and you can feel the nice atmosphere in the restaurant which makes you come back for more. Prices are very reasonable especially considering that they serve high quality fresh ingredients and the location they're at. For dessert, don't miss the home-made panna cotta or tiramisu which are both unforgettable. Also, try their home-made limoncello liquor made out of fresh lemon peals. 

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