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Ristorante Rosati Rome

Ristorante Rosati Rome

Rosati restaurant is right next to Piazza del Polopo

Ristorante Rosati Rome has a beautiful location which overlooks the stunning Piazza del Popolo. Rosati is a glamorous restaurant to settle your feet for a while, after having done some heavy sightseeing. Rosati is known to be a bit expensive ….not only this; they add on a 17% service charge. On the other hand, always have in mind where you are exactly sitting, often you mostly pay for the location!

This café started out in 1922 and is one of the most famous places to serve coffee in Rome. Throughout all these years, Rosati stands for style, quality and elegance. These 3 features have always characterized their brand. When you then join features such as the reliability of selecting best quality raw materials, the variety and the genuineness of food and the professionalism of the staff, you’re sure to receive a high standard in the end!

Rosati does have something innovating which many restaurants in Rome don’t have, namely gluten free pizza! Rosati also has luscious pastries which will melt in your mouth and make you recall what home-made baking is like! The Italians eat pastries especially in the morning, please don’t expect finding an American breakfast with Omelets, bacon and eggs.

During your dinner or lunch if you order the delicious house wine you’ll be just fine. When you only order a drink, it usually comes with generous serving of olives or other snacks. In the end I would recommend the seafood plates because it seems to be their specialty!

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