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Restaurants near Piazza Navona


Restaurants near Piazza Navona are hidden away in the small streets behind the crowds

It's not easy finding a good restaurant near Piazza Navona, the most restaurants around this area are tourist traps for one reason or the other. There aren't so many great offers but we have found some places that we want to tell you about and not all of them are restaurants. Let yourself be taken through the small streets and hidden places behind the crowds and rumbles of the big square, follow us to those spots where the locals go to when they're around Piazza Navona.

If you're looking for a nice wine place check out L'Enoteca Cul de Sac - P. Pasquino, 73 - 00186 Rome - Italy. L'enoteca Cul de Sac is a must-visit for wine lovers. Its just a stone throw away from Piazza Navona. It's right behind the Piazza when you walk away from it towards the south part of it, near the Fontana del Moro fountain. Just follow the street called Via Santa Maria dell'anima, behind the church Sant' Agnese in Agone, until the end and you'll reach Piazza Pasquino.

For the best seafood in town, stop and visit a place called Assunta Madre - Via Guilia, 14 - Rome -Italy. Assunta Madre is one of the best and exclusive places in Rome to have fresh seafood. Writing about it on this page is actually cheating a little because it's actually not directly off the square of Piazza Navona but you have to walk a little to get there. Every step of the way will be worth your while!

Right behind Piazza Navona you'll find a tavern called Taverna Parione, 38 - 00186 Rome - Italy. Taverna Parione is located inside an elegant historical palace named Collegio Nardini, which lies behind the Sant' Agnese in Agone church, when facing it standing on Piazza Navona. Taverna Parione is a Pizzeria as well as a restaurant.

For breakfast or for a real Italian espresso the best place and the most famous place to stop by is Caffe' Sant' Eustachio, 82 - 00186 Rome - Italy. Caffe' Sant' Eustacchio is an ancient Coffee Shop and Roaster founded in 1938. Located in the heart of Rome in front of the Senato della Repubblica palace, just a stone throw away from Piazza Navona.

If you're looking for Roman cuisine, stop by a place called Ponte e Parione - Via Santa Maria dell' Anima, 62 - 00186 Rome - Italy. Ponte e Parione is right behind Piazza Navona. When facing the church Sant' Agnese in Agone, take the first small alley on your right and make a left on the first street you encounter which is called Via Santa Maria dell' Anima. Ponte e Parione restaurant will be on your right hand side after a 200 meter short walk.

If you choose a place to eat with a view on Piazza Navona the prices will be higher. Usually, if you order a pizza you can't go that wrong. Make sure you have a look at the Menu and prices before you sit down and read the small writing about the extra's which are usually written on the first page of the menu.

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