• Monte Solaro Capri Italy

    Monte Solaro can be reached by a chair lift that is located right next to the taxi stand in Anna Capri. Monte Solaro Capri provides a birds eye view of the island and worth the visit.

Monte Solaro Capri

Monte Solaro Capri

Monte Solaro Capri

Monte Solaro, which translates to Mount Solaro in English, majestically stands at 1, 932 feet or 589 meters above sea level. With this height, this mountain found in Campania is the highest point in the island of Capri.

Tourists who wish to visit Monte Solaro Capri can either take a bus from Marina Grande Capri or a chairlift. With a chairlift that departs from Piazza Vittoria, you will reach the peak of the mountain in just 12 minutes. However, be prepared to pay €7.50 for a one-way ride or €10 round-trip. The chairlift operates from 9:30 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. However, during the winter it is only available until 3:30 PM; perhaps, for safety purposes.

If you wish to visit Monte Solaro Capri earlier than 9:30 a.m., then you can certainly go by foot. The trail starts at Piazza della Pace in Anacapri. It would take you roughly an hour to reach the peak. It is quite a long walk, but the picturesque view that nature offers along the way will make the time go by quickly.

At the summit of Capri Mount Solaro, you are guaranteed to witness the heavenly view of famous Capri attractions like the Faraglioni Rocks Capri and the Sorrento Peninsula, the Galli islands and the entire Gulf of Naples.

Aside from nature, Monte Solaro Capri also offers relaxing man-made establishments such as the Monte Solaro Bed and Breakfast and the La Conzone del Cielo Café. The bed and breakfast conveniently lies on the slopes of the mountain, boasting that all of its rooms offer fantastic sea view. The café is a perfect place for lunch and for sipping drinks to cool you off after the tiring hike.

As mentioned earlier, the chairlift is available for a round trip ride. However, it is recommended to hike down the mountain by foot. On your way down, you will come across the Cetrella valley. Cetrella is home to the Church of Santa Maria, a spiritual retreat venue of the Dominican and Franciscan monks during the 16th century. Unfortunately, Santa Maria di Cetrella is not available for public tours all the time. Therefore, if you wish to go to Monte Solaro Capri mainly because you want to visit the church, then it is ideal for you to heed to the local tourism office first or ask authorities if the church is open before actually going for a mountain tour.


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