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Hotel Weber Ambassador Capri

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Hotel Weber Ambassador Capri

Relish the Beauty of Capri Island!

The breathtaking view of Capri Island never fails to captivate foreign and local tourists. The azure beach will surely bring you blissful relaxation. If you are planning to visit Capri and bask in the beauty of the scenery that surrounds the island, then consider booking a room in Hotel Weber Ambassador Capri. Despite the presence of several other hotels, many tourists still prefer this hotel.

The air-conditioned rooms are quite spacious, which allows you to move around with ease. Even if you do not step outside the suite, you will still have a great time because the seaside view is simply breathtaking. No matter what room you choose, the balcony will allow you to get a spectacular view of the deep blue sea. The guests of Hotel Weber Ambassador Capri love the gentle and fresh breeze that blows into their window early in the morning. From the reception staff through to the wait staff, and housekeeping, they can't do enough to help make your vacation as memorable as possible.

Hotel Weber Ambassador Capri has all the amenities that will make your vacation worthwhile. The hotel has its own fitness center, which ensures that guests will still be able to maintain their healthy lifestyle. The poolside is an excellent place for relaxation and social interaction. There are two swimming pools for adults, and a third one is reserved for small children. Hotel Weber Ambassador also installed hydromassage corners for a complete relaxation. Several esteemed artists have found inspiration while relishing the hotel’s panoramic view.

The beach is just a five minute walk from the hotel. It is a perfect spot to swim and the water is crystal clear. It also gives you a perfect view of the Faraglioni Rocks Capri.

There is no need to worry if this is your first time in Capri Island because Hotel Weber Ambassador Capri has a free shuttle service. Excellent restaurants and shopping centers are located near the hotel. This means you can fill your itinerary with many interesting activities. If you like, you can avail the excursion package. This already includes a tour to some of the best places in Capri. Book now and enjoy a great vacation.


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