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Hotel Columbus Rome

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Hotel Columbus Rome

Hotel Columbus Rome is very close to Saint Peter’s Square. This hotel is the nearest to the Vatican you can get. A real plus point of the hotel is the free parking. It has a wonderful courtyard in the back and a lovely fountain that decorates it. When you walk to your room you’ll be walking through long hallways and different rooms like the Sala del Camino room (fireplace room) or the elegant Salotto furnished with comfortable chairs and sofas.

Hotel Columbus Rome serves breakfast but charges an additional euro 15.00/person. If you decide not to have breakfast in the hotel, you can find many places for a creamy cappuccino and croissant nearby. If you turn to the left when you come out and go straight down, you’ll find a cafeteria! Hotel Columbus also has a restaurant called La Veranda which can accommodate up to 300 people. The food is “touristy tasting” and the prices are quite high. You’d probably be better off by going to an Italian trattoria outside of the hotel.

The rooms here are quite spacious for Italian standards but quite on the dark side. The heavy looking furniture doesn’t brighten up the rooms either and the lighting is somewhat poor. The way things are kept in the hotel reminds you that it used to be a convent and in my opinion it still has that flair not only in the room but also when you walk through the hallways.

The staff seems to be very friendly and helpful most of the time and the price isn’t bad considering you’re right in the center of town and only a stone throw away from the Vatican. The hotel doesn’t offer many amenities and the bathrooms are not updated but these odd features will take you back into time when Hotel Columbus was a monastery.

Special Hotel Deal: Senior citizens aged 60+ receive a 15% discount during their stay on the final bill and a free late check-out at 2.00PM.

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