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Hotel Canasta Capri

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Hotel Canasta Capri

Hotel Canasta Capri is a four-star hotel. It is located just five minutes from the famous La Piazzetta Capri. Perfect distance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hotel Canasta Capri has superior, medium, and standard rooms to offer. The superior rooms have a terrace with sea view. The medium rooms have a terrace with garden view. The standard rooms, on the other hand, have a patio with internal view. Aside from common room amenities, all 16 rooms at Hotel Canasta have a minibar, satellite television and internet connection. With a free Wi-Fi, each and every guest can surely stay connected with the virtual world without having to worry about paying for extra charges.

Outdoor facilities of Hotel Canasta Capri include a swimming pool and a lovely garden. With these facilities, birthdays and weddings absolutely become even more sophisticated and memorable. In addition, if you plan to stay here for at least one night, then you will have the chance to enjoy Hotel Canasta’s delicious complimentary buffet breakfast in the garden terrace. The breakfast is complete with homemade cakes, pastries, and jams, fresh slices of fruits, and other mouth-watering treats.

From the heart of Capri, Hotel Canasta can be reached just by a five-minute hike. In addition to the Piazzetta, this little heaven is also close to Via Camerelle, Gardens of Augustus Capri. You can find panoramic terraces, and Certosa de San Giacomo – a Carthusian monastery. Even the popular attractions like Marina Grande Capri, Marina Piccola and some picturesque beaches in the island are only 15 minutes walk away.

While staying at Hotel Canasta Capri, also take advantage of renting a boat and have a sailor tour you and your loved ones around the island. The boat can accommodate up to 10 guests.

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