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Residenza la Ripetta Rome

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Residenza la Ripetta Rome

Luxurious 4 star hotel near Piazza del Popolo

Just around the corner of Piazza del Popoplo you'll find this charming hotel called Residenza la Ripetta.

Residenza la Ripetta Rome features 69 guest rooms and can also provide their guests with beautiful suites to make your vacation as pleasant as possible! As we already said, Residenza la Ripetta used to be a convent from the 17th century. Now a day the edifice still boasts its original architecture, namely high ceilings, wide open spaces, clear essential lines and a classic décor that today has been complemented with modern accents. The highlight of this hotel is the garden outlined with elegant gazebos, chairs and tables. Usually every Thursday evening there is an Aperitivo going on and many locals come by! Once inside this stunning still courtyard garden all the noises of the big city are shut out.

Residenza la Ripetta Rome has their own restaurant and can also organize important events such as weddings, meetings and events! It would be the perfect romantic setting in the eternal city of Rome.

The rooms are very spacious, especially for Italian standards, comfortable and clean. The staff is helpful, attentive and friendly. If you need internet connection you’ll have Free WIFI down in the lobby.

Residenza la Ripetta Rome offers a big delicious breakfast buffet with a great selection of Italian cornetti, cereals, fruit, and cold meats like prosciutto, cheese, rolls, sausages as well as bacon and scrambled eggs!

As soon as you put your foot outside, you’ll be right next to the restaurants, shops and most of the historic settings you’d like to visit!



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